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Comfort, Inspiration and re-assurance

Carl's view is that you should never feed the medium it is the medium's job to give you the information as you have come to recieve a message from your loved ones.

Over the years Carl has gained international success with his television, radio and personal apperances accross the united kingdom and europe. Including taking part in the Worlds

Best Psychic in Ukraine.


He does not ask the audience any questions and asks them to refrain from telling any stories, as this is called feeding the medium and carl does not need any information from you as

he has your loved ones by his side telling him what message

they would like to get across to you.



     Carl will give you a clear view into the spirit World

Unfortunatly due to recent EU legislations it is now neccessary to state the following: Theatre demonstrations are to be deemed for entertainment purposes only.

Carl is a true psychic medium, he can see and hear spirit very clearly.

The gift that Carl has is a natural and unique gift, a performance he does not throw information at you he will give a clear message and during a audience with Carl, he is directed by spirit and will come directly to you.

A One to One reading will consist of a spirit reading where carl will invite your loved ones in and he will tell you who he has with him and he will give you clear and positive information, A Psychic reading consists of Carl telling you what has happened in your past, He will tell you what is happening around you and your family today, he will also tell you future events, your future life .


Carl explains psychic like reading the pages of your life he can give you in depth details of your life, which will therefor act as evidence that you are 100% certain you are talking to the correct psychic

£30 for a one to one, Psychic and Spirit reading including past, present and future